'Mona Lisa', bronze (1974). In tribute to Marcel Duchamp. © All rights reserved
1968-1969 Takes part in the Salon Comparaisons: L'Homme seul ('The Man Alone') and the Salon de Mai: Cadran Solaire ('Sun Dial'), before closure by the artists.
In this period Isabelle Waldberg makes objects in cork and patinated plaster, that contrast sharply with the other works. She 'sets up' L'homme seul ('The Man Alone'), L'homme situé ('The Man Situated') I and II, Animal ('Animal') and Saint-Sebastien ('Saint Sebastian'), where every idea, every material helps to create a fragile and inspired universe. A subtle play between colors is at the heart of the compositions: from white to ochre, from blue to soft green.
Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Le Mur ('The Wall'); Salon de Mai, Tête d'Agarien ('Hagarian Head'). Takes part in the Dix ans de prix Bourdelle et Depuis Rodin exhibition, where she displays La Cuirasse ('The Breastplate') with an accompanying text.
Illustrates the cover of Michel Fardoulis-Lagrange's book, G.B. ou un ami présomptueux ('G.B. or A Presumptuous Friend'), a tribute to Georges Bataille. She has a sculpture melted for the deluxe copies, and engraves an aluminium cutout freehand for the 'Club du Soleil Noir' series.
29 April. Private exhibition at the Galerie Georges Bongers and display of book-sculpture with Michel Fardoulis-Lagrange . Articles by Jean-Jacques Levêque in Les Nouvelles Littéraires and by Hubert Juin in Les Lettres Françaises.

1970 Salon de Mai: La Face Visible ('The Visible Side'). Salon de la Jeune Sculpture: Delescluze descend vers le Château-d'Eau ('Delescluze Goes Down Towards The Water Castle'), inspired by André Breton's poem "Les Etats généraux".
Completes Portrait Intérieur ('Inner Portrait').

1971 Becomes a member of the managing committee of the Salon de Mai; she exhibits Agarien III ('Hagarian III') there. At the Musée Bourdelle (Polychromie exhibition), Isabelle Waldberg displays La Vague ('The Wave') (1966) and L'Homme seul ('The Man Alone') (1968).
Turoni ('Turoni'), commissioned for the Lycée de Joué-les-Tours, is displayed at the Salon de la Jeune Sculpture.
Finally, the artist takes part in the Der Geist des Surrealismus event which takes place in Cologne.

1972 Salon de Mai: Agarien-Ville ('Hagarian-City'); and Salon de la Jeune Sculpture: L'Enclume ('The Anvil').
Takes part in the Der Surrealismus 1922-1942 exhibtion, in Munich, then in Paris.
Takes an interest in Zen Buddhism that inspires new works such as La Montagne ('The Mountain').

1973 Private exhibition at the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture de Colombes. Salon de Mai: Le Cyprès dans la Cour ('The Cypress In The Courtyard').
Isabelle Waldberg becomes, with Etienne-Martin's support, professor at the École des Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris.
Preparatory drawings for la Porte du palais de la mémoire ('The Door To The Palace of Memory'), a sculpture inspired by her reading of Saint Augustine's 'Confessions'. Completes La Balance ('The Scales') and La Falaise ('The Cliff').

1974 Le Temps Troué ('Time With A Hole In It') is displayed at the Salon de Mai.
Takes part in the artists' tribute to André Breton in Saint-Cirq-Lapopie.
Completes Le Couple ('The Couple'), Mona Lisa ('Mona Lisa') (in tribute to Marcel Duchamp), Le Sommet ('The Summit').

1975 Homnivore('Homnivore'), Autoportrait ('Self Portrait'), Colloque ('Colloquium') or Table de Trois ('Table of Three'). This last sculpture would be bought by the Ville de Paris.

1976 Solo exhibition introduced by Jacqueline Passever, Galerie des Grands Augustins (sculptures and watercolors).
Salon de Mai: Table de Trois ('Table of Three'). She designs the catalog cover.

1977 Takes part in group exhibitions organised by Gérard Laubie. Completes Lugdus ('Lugdus') and La Bouche d'ombre ('The Shaded Mouth').

1978 Isabelle Waldberg Retrospective at l'Hôtel de Ville de Paris, which devotes a catalog to her.
Completes Portrait de Marcel Duchamp sur un échiquier ('Portrait of Marcel Duchamp On A Chessboard'). Nuages et Montagnes ('Clouds And Mountains').

1979 Sculptures with a zen inspiration: La Chute ('The Fall), La Vache ('The Cow'), Cavalier zen ('Zen Horseman').

1980 Retrospective organised by Claude Givaudan à Genève; twenty-seven sculptures from 1955 to 1978, watercolors and ink drawings.
Completes La Montagne II ('The Mountain II'), Porteur ('Bearer'), Le Radeau ('The Raft').
Takes part in Depuis 1955, exhibition initiated by Max Clarac-Sérou, uniting all the artists from the Galerie du Dragon.

1981 Retrospective containing sculptures from 1943 to 1980 at the Kunstmuseum Bern (works from 1943 to 1980), organised by Hans Christoph von Tavel.
For the '20-year anniversary of the Prix Bourdelle', Isabelle Waldberg chooses to show Porte zen ('Zen Door'), A mi-hauteur ('At Mid-height'), La Bascule ('The Scales') and La Falaise ('The Cliff').

1982 At the Salon de Mai, Isabelle Waldberg displays La Meute ('The Pack') (ill. in cat.).
Completes Haut-Pays ('High Country') and Versant-Sud ('Hillside-South').

1983 Large touring exhibition (until 1985): 20 sculptors and their foundries. Tribute to the foundry. Isabelle Waldberg exhibits alongside her friends, Martine Boileau and Roseline Granet.
11 sculpteurs à Franconville with Brown, Bury, Cardot, César, Challier, Gemignani, Gili, Etienne-Martin, Poncet et Viseux. Isabelle Waldberg displays Portrait Intérieur ('Interior Portrait') from 1970.
Hans Christoph von Tavel publishes an article devoted to the Portrait de Marcel Duchamp ('Portrait of Marcel Duchamp') in the Kunstmuseum Bern.
Le Divan ('The Studio Couch'), Les Genoux ('the Knees'), Le Train de marchandises ('Freight Train') and Suzanne et les vieillards('Suzanne And The Old Men').

1984 1984 Isabelle Waldberg enters the Galerie Artcurial through a retrospective of her work organised by Dominique Le Buhan. A catalog is prepared, with Robert Lebel and Dominique Le Buhan responsible for the texts. Display of forty-nine pieces; constructions, bronzes, plaster sculptures and objects.
Hans Christoph von Tavel invites Isabelle Waldberg to exhibit sculptures and watercolors in Winterthur.

1985 Publication at Editions Area of a text that she has written on Le Radeau de la Méduse, color illustrations and copperplate engraving on the book's cover.

1986 Two big exhibitions on Surrealism: La Planète affolée – organised by Germain Viatte, in Marcheille – within which she displays Le Grand Piccucule ('The Great Piccucule') (1946-1947), as well as a suspension, which are both set up in the same way as the 1947 exhibition. L’Aventure surréaliste autour d’André Breton which takes place at the Galerie Artcurial, exhibits a construction from 1943 and Delescluze descend vers le Château-d'Eau ('Delescluze Goes Down Towards The Water Castle').

1987 Exhibits with Roseline Granet in Tarbes.

1988 Isabelle Waldberg illustrates Les Heures inégales ('The Unequal Hours'), poems by Dominique Le Buhan published by Fata Morgana, with an engraving.
Nicole Vatinel organises an important Isabelle Waldberg exhibition in Gauchy.

1989 Solo exhibition at the Galerie Artcurial.

1990 Thursday 12 April. Death of Isabelle Waldberg at Chartres (Eure-et-Loir).

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