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All the "Waldberg" Internet sites were conceived and implemented by the beneficial owners. The sites are simply informative and do not have any commercial or professional authority, the aim being to make the artists and their works known. A lot of false information and false images are circulating on the Internet, which is why it seemed important to us to reestablish here a few 'truths' about these three artists.

We have partnered the Isabelle Waldberg site with the Isabelle Waldberg Committee (Comité Isabelle Waldberg), established in December 2013 to defend and promote the work of this artist sculptor. In the 'I.W. Committee' section you will find important information about this association.

The 'Waldberg' sites are currently under construction and will continue to be updated on a permanent basis. If you are in possession of information (photos. letters, works) that would allow us to complete our archives and to establish Isabelle Waldberg's exhaustive catalogue, we invite you to contact us via e-mail:

comite.iwaldberg@gmail.com or contact@isabellewaldberg.com
or by post at the Isabelle Waldberg Committee's address.


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Jean Grapin, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Charlotte Pearce-Slade,
Eryck de Rubercy, Paul Samsovici, Marie Voisin and Corinne Waldberg.